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More Testimonials

Phillip Lemmons, Trust Attorney, Fountain Valley
Bill is an outstanding attorney with a sharp mind and finely tuned business acumen. He is a tenacious and vigorous representative for his clients and combines both his legal experience and impressive business savvy to provide them with first rate counsel. Bill and I worked together on a couple of cases. He is a quick witted consummate professional who will not quit until he gets the result his clients deserve. He also has a way of translating legalese into common english his clients can understand. If you’re looking for a client centered attorney with wisdom and skill to spare, look no further.


Peter Crary, Partner: Meserve, Mumper & Hughes
I have known Bill for close to 30 years at the firm and since he went out on his own. He is detailed, talented, creative, and a very hard worker. I can heartily recommend him!


David Monarch, Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Aliso Viejo, CA
 I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Bernard is an exceptional attorney. He is a true advocate for his clients, combining his knowledge of the law and trial procedures. I would not hesitate to refer a case to Mr. Bernard.


Zachary Mccready, Attorney in Fountain Valley, CA
I recommend using Bill Bernard for civil and criminal cases. His advise is excellent and he produces outstanding pleadings, briefs, and motions.